Dellafiore Roberto e F.lli

Winemakers in Oltrepo Pavese

The family Dellafiore has very ancient origins, in fact already in the XIII century 
it has given evidence through a Perduca Dellafiore, residing in the province of Pavia.
Later, in 1500, the family became part of the noble class, thanks to the nomination to Conti Palatini. 
The estate Dellafiore Roberto and F. lli goes back to the distant 1880, when Siro Dellafiore, choosing as a place of production the fertile lands of Oltrepo Pavese,
laid the foundations of what is today the modern company of the brothers Dellafiore. 
The Bonarda wine, the strong point of the company, is produced according to the tradition started by Siro and continued today thanks to the brothers Vittorio and Roberto,
who combine the tradition with the most modern technologies and innovations in the field of winemaking. 
The constant enological research means that our products tend to an ever increasing competitive level, without removing anything from the tradition and quality in which we firmly believe.